At INVERLINK, people are our most valuable asset. Our continuous success in quality and outstanding client service depends on them. This is why, we are constantly looking for talented individuals who will want to join us and thrive in our working environment.

Who can be part of INVERLINK?
We are interested in self-starters, with strong academic credentials and past career experience who will bring excellence in technical and analytical skills. We are looking for people that will fit in our proactive, dynamic, analytical and excellence culture. People passionate about Investment Banking with strong intellectual curiosity and integrity. People who are good team players and who will work hard, be commited, and make a difference to our clients.

Development in INVERLINK
At INVERLINK, we strongly believe that the capabilities and strength of our professionals as well as our focus towards effective team work is reflected in the quality of our service. For this reason, we empower our people and give them the independence, training and exposure that will contribute to their professional development. We have a structured development path, based on people merits.

If you feel that you have the characteristics that we are looking for, and you are interested in working with us, we invite you to send us your CV.

INVERLINK Trainees Program

INVERLINK opens its doors to the 2018 Trainee Program. This program which is developed twice a year (May and November), is aimed towards professionals with strong academics, that are graduating either from business administration, economics or industrial engineering and are interested in developing their career in Investment Banking.

The INVERLINK Trainees Program will give you the opportunity to join us as a junior analyst or intern and be part of full week induction and training program.

If you are interested in being part of this, please send us your CV. Let’s invite the candidates first and second week of May to the first tests and interviews.


Inverlink has already started the recruitment program for first-year analysts and practitioners for July 2018.

If Investment Banking is what you are passionate about, and you are interested in learning about different markets, we expect your application.

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