Felipe Encinales

Founding Partner— M.B.A., Harvard Business School; B.A., Industrial Economics, Universidad de Los Andes.

Mr. Encinales is one of INVERLINK’S founding partners. With more than 25 years of experience in the investment banking industry, Mr. Encinales has lead dozens of highly complex M&A transactions in various industries within which stand the sale of Carulla Vivero to Almacenes Éxito, the sale of Meals de Colombia to Compañía Nacional de Chocolates and the acquisition of Coltabaco by Phillip Morris, among others.

Prior INVERLINK’s foundation, Mr. Encinales served as Vice President of Banco de Colombia in its negotiation division, division in charge of the privatization process of Grupo Grancolombiano. In this process, Mr. Encinales led the privatization of nearly a dozen companies belonging to this economic group.

Prior to its involvement with Banco de Colombia, Mr. Encinales served in various executive positions in local and international companies, including the Commercial Vice-presidency of ACES in 1981, the Commercial and Financial Vice-presidency of Ospinas y Cia S.A. and the General Management of Tejidos Alamos.

Mr. Encinales earned his bachelor degree in Industrial Economics form Universidad de los Andes in 1974 and a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Harvard Business School in 1978.

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