With more than 30 years of experience in the market, INVERLINK has positioned itself as one of the investment bank industry leaders specializing in mergers and acquisitions, project financing, and capital markets in Colombia and the region. As the first investment bank in Colombia as an independent firm, we are leaders in the structuring and execution of transactions with a high level of complexity and using high international standards.

We strive to understand in depth the needs of our clients to provide them with a service that will generate true aggregate value and that will exceed the expectations of simple counseling. For either local or international clients, buyers or sellers, INVERLINK helps its clients understand their market, develop key contacts and relationships, and complete the necessary tasks to achieve the planned (strategic) objectives.

INVERLINK has provided financial advisory services with international standards to an important number of national and international clients including numerous multinationals, the most important corporations of the region, institutional investors, government agencies, private equity funds, individuals, and more.





Throughout its three decades of history, INVERLINK has successfully participated in more than 160 operations in different sections of the economy for a value above US$ 20 billion.

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